Catherine Watkin of Selling from the Heart

If you want something beautifully put and said with love then Sara’s your girl... 

"Sara has worked with me for the past couple of years mainly focused on customer love and content – she’s currently my Content Manager and Community Manager for my membership.

While Sara does do all of the tech related to my content management – setting up content on YouTube, the blog and social media, her true zone of genius is as a wordsmith. If you want something beautifully put and said with love then Sara’s your girl. Whether that’s writing social media posts, streamlining your blog posts, helping you plan your content – or even writing it for you! It’s hugely valuable to me to have someone who can write an email on my behalf, or encourage engagement in my Facebook group with a perfectly written and supportive post.

While she can do the tech, words and love are her “thing” – and that’s what I’d recommend you hire her for!"

CATHERINE WATKIN  //  Selling from the Heart

Irene Moore - Business Startup Coach

Sara has been my absolute life-line...

"Sara has been my absolute life-line whilst I was setting up my digital training business Digital Marketing London... Sara is a safe pair of hands and having her on my team has freed up so much time and made the whole experience of setting up my business much more enjoyable. I almost don't want to write this as I want her all to myself!"

IRENE MOORE  //  Business Startup Coach

Cathy Ballard - Transformation Coach & Healer, Teacher, Facilitator & Speaker

Sara was really quick to understand what I needed...

"During the promotion period of one of my programmes I needed help with my social media marketing because I couldn't do it all myself, and technology isn't one of my favourite things.

I asked Sara to create in a posting schedule spreadsheet and set up Hootsuite posts for my Facebook and Twitter accounts because I didn't have the time to do all of it, I was finding it overwhelming and it was distracting me from the creative work I needed to focus on.

Sara was really quick to understand what I needed and it was great to offload tasks that I didn't want to do. It gave me time back and allowed me to take a much needed break because I knew things were automated and under control. I would totally recommend working with Sara and I'll definitely be using her services again. Thanks Sara!"

CATHY BALLARD  //  Transformation Coach & Healer, Teacher, Facilitator & Speaker