I work in a collaborative way so that I can ensure that your content and community are supported in the way that works best for you and your business. Before we begin working together, we will have an indepth conversation to discuss your needs and then I'll go away and make a plan for your specific content. 

Prices start at £250 for 10 hours of work. Please get in touch here if you have a one-off project you'd like support with. 

Social Media Content Curation

Specially curated content found, uploaded and shared consistently via your social media channels. We'll work together to identify the best content for you and I will: 

  • Pull together your content and carefully selected content from other sources to create a scheduling plan for your social media channels. 
  • Schedule content to your social media channels (I focus on Facebook and Twitter but am happy to discuss other social media. 
  • Ensure that your social media stays up to date so that your online presence is active and engaging. 

Let me be the catalyst that gets your blog and/or video content online and out into the world. You write the blog or create the video and I will: 

  • Upload the article/video to your blog.
  • If a video I will upload to your YouTube channel and transcribe to create a blog.
  • Proof-read the blog and test all links. 
  • Find the perfect picture to accompany your blog. 
  • Edit relevant blog settings e.g. for SEO, categories and social media appearance. 
  • Schedule social media linking back to your blog post. 
Community Happiness

If you have an online community or Facebook group of paying or potential clients, I will: 

  • Make a regular posting plan to keep your community engaged and up to speed with the benefits of their membership.
  • Regularly post in your community to keep people engaged (either "as you" or as your designated Community Happiness Manager). 
  • Comment on posts and answer questions in the group so that members feel supported and cared for. 
  • Connect members with each other to help them to create real connections. 
  • Help you turn your Facebook group into a real community. 
  • If appropriate, host group calls for your members as part of their programme or package.