"You're gifts lie in anything that combines words with people." 

Those were the magic words I heard from one of my clients when I was a Virtual Assistant trying to do a bit of everything for everyone. That short sentence began my transition to focusing purely on content and community, which is the work I really enjoyed and where I got the most positive feedback from my clients. 

I love working with coaches, speakers and author who have an important message to share and are transforming lives through that message - I get a buzz out of making a difference by helping my clients to make their difference in the world. 

Sara Louise Fox

I believe that your content and community are your "magic portals for transformation."

BUT it takes time to curate content and nurture a community.

I know that time may feel in short supply if you have a busy coaching, speaking or writing schedule (or a combination of all three) and I'd LOVE to help by... 

  • Curating your carefully created content and getting it out to the world, and/or....
  • Being your dedicated "Community Happiness Manager" (sometimes known as Chief Love Officer). 

Find out more about my content and community services here

Why work with me...?

  • Your community is the lifeblood of your business but you find it hard to balance nurturing your community with your coaching, speaking, and/or writing commitments. 
  • Your content is an essential part of your marketing strategy but you get bogged down in the "techie bits" and would love someone to take it off your hands. 
  • You are feeling overwhelmed because you feel pulled in all directions and you wish someone would just take it off your hands. 
  • Social media is not your favourite way to connect with your clients/audience and you find it time-consuming and draining, but you know it's an important part of your marketing mix. 
  • You'd like to feel less alone in your business and someone on board who believes in your business and your clients as much as you do. 

A few things you might like to know about me...

I won't give you my life story (though if you're curious you can scroll down for a summary of my professional timeline) but here are a few things you might find useful to know about me... 

  • I get very excited about other people's businesses, especially when it comes to people who are transforming lives through their coaching, speaking or writing - so if that sounds like you and we get on the phone, I'm likely to be very enthusiastic. 
  • Based on the Wealth Dynamics system, I am a "Supporter" profile which means that I am in my element when I'm encouraging, motivating and "lighting up others" whilst making genuine connections. 
  • I've officially spent three years supporting small business owners, first as a Virtual Assistant and now as a Content & Community Manager. Before that I spent nearly 10 years as part of marketing and communications teams for public sector and non-profit organisations, followed by four years learning how to promote my personal training business. 
  • Most of my business comes from referrals, so my own focus when it comes to content is for my clients and my Freemind Hypnotherapy business (did I tell you I am multi-passionate?).
Sara Louise Fox - My timeline at a glance